Aquarius Horoscope for July 2024

Posted on July 1, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month begins in the closing days of an active Gemini lunation cycle that has likely had some powerful effects upon you, emphasizing change. All life is change, and yet we mostly manage to conceal this constant variation from ourselves. What is upon you now is the very crux of your ongoing metamorphosis of identity and sense of purpose. Your own individual and independent moral philosophy has had its impact on how you pursue your work in the world, which you understand must partake of your deep values in order that it be fully authentic. With the potent July 5th New Moon in your sector of day-to-day events and habitual activities, this simplistic area becomes full of ethereal intensity beyond the everyday. Habit patterns may alter. You are more aware of your own unique sense of mission, and the manner in which what goes on inside you in unexpected fashion complements your public persona, while your beliefs and worldview are in a subtle process of expansion. The July 21st Full Moon in late Capricorn, on the very edge of your sign, brings in a productive way issues of self and other dramatically to the table of your contemplation.

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month begins in the closing days of the Gemini cycle from early June that illuminated your sector of creative self-expression, joy, and the children in your life. Also very much in evidence over recent weeks have been the transformational opportunities and challenges of highlighted Pluto in the early degrees of your sign. You very sense of identity and the way that you come across to others has been subject to exploration, alteration, and reconsideration. Your relationship to pleasure may have taken a more central place these past few weeks with Jupiter newly in Gemini emphasizing, again, romantic feelings, creative expression, children, and the things you like to do for fun. Jupiter remains in Gemini for a whole year and could challenge pre-existing reflexes around creativity and romance in order to make more space for new experiences. You may have been receiving hints on how to loosen up so that you can receive the blessings that want to come your way.

Also as July begins, Neptune is standing almost dead still in the sky, preparing to station to retrograde motion on the 2nd in the final degree of Pisces, right on the edge of your communication sector, promising a more spiritual, numinous, and potentially over-idealized take on how you receive and articulate new information. Saturn in Pisces having just turned retrograde at the end of June might be allowing you more space and time to assess your available resources and how to best utilize them in order to align with what you love. The way you perceive yourself is definitely evolving so that understanding your own worth continues to require attention in order to invest your energy in the direction that is right for you. That is, for you, and from you, derived from no other source but what is deep within yourself.

On July 2nd as well Mercury enters Leo and opposes Pluto in Aquarius until July 3rd. This may bring important dialogues with others and highlights the transformational tenor of these times for you. You or someone else could want to bring up a topic that is heavy or taboo in order to clear the air and this might be productive, especially if both parties can be honest with each other. Even if attitudes are relatively lighthearted, there could be things simmering below the surface.

The Cancer New Moon arrives on July 5th taking place in the sector of your chart that relates to your health, your habits and your general wellbeing. This lunation is a magical moment that could bring you to an important reset, particularly for patterns that you have been wanting to change. Mars in Taurus currently transiting in your domestic sector forms a supportive aspect to the New Moon which may emphasize your need to feel grounded and comfortable in your dwelling space and in your body. Venus in Cancer is also in parallel with the Sun in this New Moon which may emphasize relationships and aesthetics as well as your root psychology and, as well, home and family issues and concerns. Overall, this New Moon speaks of the inner and outer adjustments needed for you to prioritize your well-being outside of what you think you need to do for others.

Venus enters your opposite sign of Leo on July 11th and opposes Pluto in your sign until July 12th, which may bring intensity to some of your relationships. Obsession or power-struggle are more likely under this type of aspect but dealing honestly with drama or complicated power dynamics could alleviate some of the tension. Still, mid-July has the potential to be volatile and this could play out in your domestic life, with a family member or with a partner.

Mars meets Uranus in Taurus culminating around July 15th. One way you may experience this transit if things are going smoothly in your external world could be that you are feeling more restless or impulsive than usual especially if you’ve been feeling bored or dissatisfied. Mid-July must be handled with care as things that have been stuck have the potential to suddenly get dislodged. Being aware of pent-up frustrations could allow you to move through this period with grace and progress amidst the disruptive influences.

On July 20th Mars enters Gemini trining Pluto in your sign, bringing further transformational realizations.

The Full Moon in the final degree of Capricorn takes place on July 21st, the second Full Moon in Capricorn in a row, with this one is forming an out-of-sign conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius on the first degree of your solar chart. The Moon is additionally receiving a trine from Uranus/Mars and a sextile from Neptune. This is a Full Moon bringing up the balance point between self and other. Your communicative outreach and your creativity are very much on the line at this timing, and as well your most sincere values, which you are striving to incorporate into everything that you say and do. This Full Moon illuminates the liminal space between your conscious and unconscious in very significant ways. What was once hidden from sight may become visible now and although you might not yet fully understand the changes occurring within you, there could be a definite feeling that transformation is afoot.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd in the wake of this Full Moon, re-emphasizing partnerships of all kinds. Important negotiations could be taking place or agreements could be made. This is so even though the Sun’s opposition with Pluto in Aquarius shines a light on more compulsive behaviors or complicated relationship patterns you may be ready to let go of.

Mercury enters Virgo on July 25th in the sector of your chart that relates to intimacy and also the agreements you make with others. Although Mercury is still moving direct, it is slowing down and preparing to turn retrograde at the beginning of August. Keeping this in mind may help you to hold off important decisions until you have a clearer vision of someone else wants from you or what you truly need.

With Mars now in Gemini, along with Jupiter, you have more momentum for following what feels good, pleasurable and inspiring. You might feel compelled to move quickly towards what is exciting whether this is a new project or a new relationship but keep in mind what you actually need to feel grounded in your life before you go and say yes to everything that comes your way at this time.