A Scorpio New Moon of Turbulence and Depth

Posted on November 11, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Another lunation cycle begins on Monday with the Scorpio New Moon of November 13th, the first after the intense Eclipse Season of October. The stormy cosmic weather of this Fall is not about to let up, though. Like the last one, this new lunation cycle is also colored with turbulent and wild astrological signatures. The waters of Scorpio season tend to pull our awareness to the depths of the unseen world of our emotional landscape, our psychological patterns. This pull is greatly amplified in this upcoming New Moon, because joining the action we find in close connection the traditional ruler of Scorpio himself! Mars is making a close conjunction with the Sun and Moon, and a very nearly exact opposition to trickster planet Uranus in Taurus. This configuration forecasts a wild ride for the entirety of this 30-day cycle, with the potential for the unexpected, or for explosive disruptions that we will have to navigate, yet also for profound brilliant innovation and a renewed sense of our inner workings, our willpower, and our agency. 
Mars coming into contact with the Sun, as in this configuration, happens once every two years, when they travel within two degrees of one another for approximately two weeks. This current conjunction could bring up Mars’ themes of anger, action orientation, sense of willpower, agency, and primal drives. With Mars also being in its sign of rulership in Scorpio, this could result in an avalanche of unforeseen emotions resulting perhaps in outbursts that could have to be reined  in. At the very least this New Moon will tug at our attention to get present with deeper currents of our emotions and consciousness,  revealing where we have harbored unexpressed frustration or resentments. With Mars also, there usually comes a penetrative, focused, and sharp energy, which requires  skill and precision to wield in a constructive manner. This challenges us to seek clarity, focus and alignment in our actions and important life choices.
Now let’s consider adding Uranus opposite Mars. This is a wild transit in and of itself, but pair it with a close alignment with the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio and we’ve got a recipe for a truly tumultuous time. Uranus and Mars in opposition can bring conflict, reactivity, and tendencies to polarize. On the other hand, this can offer us situations that confront us to step into our capacity to regulate our nervous systems – even when our buttons are getting pushed. Uranus, in its most helpful influence, provides an electrifying, revelatory energy that can clear pathways and channels for our life force energy to pour through in ingenious ways. This energy compels us to become liberated to our unbridled creativity, innovation and unique brilliance. Uranus signatures can be downright disruptive and yet can provide the vital fuel we need to take action and make tough choices. Due to all this intuitive chaos and the plethora of choices that Uranus brings, we are challenged to wield the symbolic blade of our discernment with both precision and kindness.
This New Moon and Mars are also inconjunct Eris conjunct the North Node in Aries, bringing to the fore the idea that, as we deal with our tumultuous inner worlds, we benefit by seeking to act in alignment with our deepest values and to avoid endeavors that do not match this criterion. The New Moon in trine with Neptune might also provide a sense of idealism, or possibly confusion, in our dealings with others.
While there aren’t a whole lot of soft edges to lean into in this New Moon chart, one dimension that we can tune into is Venus traveling through her home sign of Libra in sextile with Mercury. This placement signifies relational harmony, balance, and inspiration in beauty and artistic pursuits.  So if you find yourself amidst the heated and feisty vibes of the current astrological landscape, you may wish to call upon the wisdom of Venus in Libra to take a breath, and look for the tendrils of sweetness and harmony. It reminds us there is always more than one way to look at a situation, and that even in the most challenging of situations, if you can find your breath and even an ounce of joy, you can bring that as a homeopathic balm to soothe inflamed hearts and minds. This placement invites us to call upon the power of soft strength, and the wisdom of prioritizing relational intelligence as a cornerstone of skillfully navigating life. It whispers in our ear that even in times of great challenge and crisis, art, beauty, and simple pleasures create extra space for hope and love in our hearts.  
To sum up, this Scorpio New Moon initiates a cycle that portends some stormy and intense cosmic weather. Yet, as always, there are plenty of ways to work with this energy that are constructive and life-affirming. How can we get more firmly centered in our agency and sense of positive impact? How can we find ways to calm our nervous system even in stressful times? When we can find tendrils of beauty, grace, and love in the midst of incredibly challenging situations, we perform a radical act of kindness to ourselves and to each other. As we find our way through these painful times, may we each be deeply supported in our healing, clarity and unique expression of brilliance. This as we navigate the unknown paths ahead for our individuality, our culture, and our world.