Cancer Horoscope for June 2023

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another interesting and intense month, Cancer, signaling transformational change. The recent late Taurus New Moon from May 19th indicated an ongoing metamorphosis in the way that you see your future unfolding, and your societal contribution rising to meet the challenge of your internal values in juxtaposition with your outer world activities. There may well be movement in some way in the direction that inner intuition prompts you to take. This also involves important partners as a significant focus, including issues of relationship intimacy to include deep diving within your own psyche to achieve greater intimacy with yourself as well. Your friendships and your group affiliations have likely been the subject of a good deal of reflections in recent weeks, with the potent passage of Mercury in retrograde motion through that sector of your solar chart, a period that has now finally ended. You are therefore ready to move forward in new ways with social connections that you favor. All in all this is a time of the unification of inner emotion, instinctual feelings of right action, and outer service action, coupled with a vital emphasis on allowing necessary changes in habitual behaviors and attitude to transpire in your life.

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Last month's Taurus New Moon from May 19th took place in your sector of friends, community, and higher aspirations, the effects of which continue to play out in the first half of June as you navigate simultaneous needs for autonomy and belonging. The massively transformational effects of Pluto were featured in this lunation, continuing into the current month. Mercury escaping its retrograde shadow indicates an increased understanding of the relational ecosystem you exist within and your evolving individual values. This month supports the continued exploration of authentic connection, meaning, and future aspirations as you expand your horizons outward.

On June 1st, Jupiter joins the Lunar North Node in Taurus in your social sector. While the insatiable quality of this transit could suggest a night of Dionysian revelry, it speaks to social cohesion more broadly, ushering in a deeper sense of connection with others.

The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon occurs in your sector of health, service, and daily schedule, highlighting the importance of mental and physical wellbeing. This lunation invites you to consider how outdated social habits or daily patterns may restrict you from pursuing larger life dreams. The influence of Mercury's conjunction with Uranus in Taurus in this New Moon may also reveal the conditioning of your environment and culture, perhaps allowing you to care less about what others think or manifesting as an urge to disrupt oppressive systems through activism. This transit suggests sparks of connectivity and friendship – you may feel the call to harness creative synergy for collective goals and collaboration.

Venus enters Leo on June 5th, joining Mars already there, in your sector of personal values and assets, possibly corresponding to an lusciously extravagant spike in spending as you delight in the finer things in life and share your generosity with those you love. The magnetism of the cosmic lovers might infuse confidence into your business dealings and skill set. Venus's opposition with Pluto upon entry into Leo might clarify something you yearn for or lay bare issues like financial autonomy in partnerships, inheritance, or debt. Consider looking honestly at where you expend money, energy, attention, and time and how well this aligns with your broader values. This transit can potentially bring up your shadows related to women, sexuality and gender expression, or appearance, be that to do with your own experiences or the standards you hold for others. It may also suggest volatile power dynamics within intimate relationships or summon past situations of disempowerment. Pluto in your personal transformation sector offers evolution within intimacy, and also may involve working through deep psychological matters or the legacy of your family and cultural lineage.

Pluto returns to Capricorn, your partnership sector, on June 11th, possibly requiring you to eventually release some part of your patterns with this area so that you can move unburdened into the future. This transit could signal a change or end within certain partnerships. Mercury's trine to Pluto from its final minute of Taurus, combined with the simultaneous square between Venus and Jupiter, suggests a dynamic social period. While your resources might be somewhat depleted, you will likely enjoy yourself and make beneficial alliances.

The Gemini New Moon on June 17th shifts the focus to the unseen realms of dreams, shadows, and the subconscious. This New Moon in your twelfth sector of unconscious process and inner work asks you to prioritize mental and spiritual health by listening to yourself with the same openness and empathy as you would a close friend. You win when you can go beyond rationality and embrace solitude for self-reflection. Stream-of-consciousness journaling may be helpful for processing emotions or connecting to your intuition. Mercury's sextile to Venus in Leo supports any behind-the-scenes creative projects or learning endeavors related to writing or communication – which could likely be productive for you or even generate income.

This Gemini New Moon is modulated by action in your sector of higher mind, education, foreign travel, and spirituality, with Saturn's station retrograde in Pisces the same day and the Sun and Moon making a square aspect to Neptune there. The Pisces influence may indicate inertia—perhaps a sense that you don't know where you are going in this world or a feeling of yearning for greater meaning. It may be wise to avoid intoxicants around this lunation and instead spend time dreaming, or near a body of water, or escaping into a book or a film. Saturn's retrograde encourages a reassessment of how experiences in your past have formed your foundational belief system that may be dictating your current reality. Over the next few years, you may be called to prioritize spiritual, philosophical, or intellectual exploration to update your own systems of meaning.

The Sun's ingress into your sign on June 21st invites you to center personal health and happiness as it moves through your sector of identity, vitality, and appearance. Supportive aspects to Saturn in Pisces the following week encourage reconnecting to neglected dreams and facing any fears that may prevent action.

The fixed sign square between Mars and Uranus that occurs on June 24th to the 26th takes place across your personal assets and community sectors, and in the context of the Moon’s first quarter. This may raise charged topics related to autonomy or material security, or clashes of values you feel compelled to fight for. Mercury's ingress into your sign, today as well, indicates the tension may feel highly personal, so be mindful of reacting from an unconstructive defensive space. The Libra First Quarter Moon in your sphere of home and family also suggests a conflict that could feel threatening to your safety or bring up unresolved familial wounding. While this transit might incite confrontations or accidents, so beware, try to approach conflict with curiosity and harness its qualities of courageous liberation. This might have the effect of loosening outdated social identities or ties that compromise your values.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in your sign on June 30th could offer a jolt of insight, optimism, and clarity about your life and its purpose. Supportive aspects from Mercury and the Sun in Cancer to your higher mind and social sectors indicate that you may soon encounter allies to join you on a journey, actual or metaphysical, of learning, travel, or the spiritual. June has been a time of exploration and mental expansion, and this continues into the following month. Neptune's retrograde station in your higher mind sector today could also underline the need to put your faith in something higher, perhaps through studying astrology or another wisdom system to help connect to a wider cosmic matrix of belonging.