Leo Horoscope for June 2023

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

There is a lot going on for you this month, Leo, due in part to the very potent New Moon from the middle of last month. Your feeling of your place in the world is energized and your vocational aspirations as well. Your creativity is sizzling, and your professional choices are many and varied, all exciting. Over previous weeks you have been questioning certain factors of your career situation, and now you are in more of a mode of full speed ahead. There is also a boost in early June in the matter of your relationships; and this takes place against the backdrop of through-going transformation as well, due to Pluto’s highlighted presence in this sector. This could be in regard to an existing friendship, or relationship, or a new one, and you could also recognize that aspects of your partnership dynamic are in need of a change, and, furthermore, that denial is only a temporary option. With the Taurus New Moon of the 17th, you find tons of energy for planning and concocting visions for the future, and yet with food for thought concerning the spiritual dimension of everything that is going on in the midst of another intense monthly cycle.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

The recent late Taurus New Moon from May 19th was a potent lunation, especially for members of your sign. You were pulled in several different directions at once, including your sense of your very identity. That partnership in your life has also been a moving target from even before that time has likely been made manifest; and the recent New Moon has perhaps made it even more evident. Career and professional life are also up for you at this time, with the caveat that inner considerations are vitally important in getting you to where you in the big picture really need to go.

June continues the process, and begins to offer liberation from the frustrating impasse of the fixed sign emphasis in the recent month, which spoke loudly for the angular sections of your chart. A similar focus on achievement and professional life continues this month, and while you might not know exactly where it's all heading, you're becoming more aware of what's not working. Mercury, only emerging from its Taurus retrograde shadow on June 1st, might be sounding the cosmic gong this month to start addressing any career insight or realignment. Questions like these have likely been the focus of much internal churning. Jupiter also joins the lunar North Node in Taurus on this day, infusing optimism into any emerging aspirations in this vocational sector.

The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon occurs in your sphere of creativity and self-expression, a culmination of the Taurus New Moon from May 19 that shared a similarly powerful evolutionary backlog to the previous eclipse season. Freedom, it offers, arises through creative inspiration and joy. Pay attention now to any uplifting downloads or unexpected opportunities; with Jupiter blessing your sphere of reputation and career, innovative approaches will likely prove fruitful. While some of your deeply held beliefs and values concerning identity, career, and relationships could be under significant renovation, the inexhaustible possibilities of a new frontier yet offer themselves. Mercury's conjunction with Uranus in Taurus appearing in this Full Moon configuration tones it, reiterating the emancipatory potential of moving beyond your own orthodoxy.

Venus enters your sign of Leo on June 5th, joining already travelling Mars there, harmonizing the impulsive zeal of the warrior within you recently on a crusade for what you stand for. With the cosmic lovers both located in your first sector of character and appearance, you're particularly magnetic this month, with fun, romance, and laughter on the agenda. Upon her entry into Leo, Venus forms an opposition with Pluto in your sector of intimate relationships suggesting you have powerful inner or material resources at your disposal right now and that harnessing your unique charisma will likely pay off in your career sector. Be it relational power dynamics, an aesthetic metamorphosis, or the shadows of what you value, emerging themes of Plutonian darkness should not come as a surprise – Pluto has been featured heavily in the significant transits of recent months.

Pluto returns to Capricorn, representing the familiar territory of your daily routine, health, and service on June 11th, where it will remain till early next year. While this retrograde back into Capricorn may temporarily alleviate pressure from your axis of self and other, the emphasis on relational dynamics will continue to play out in the spheres of intimacy and community. In the winged messenger’s final minute of Taurus, Mercury's trine to Pluto combined with the square between Venus and Jupiter, indicates that influential interpersonal relationships may significantly benefit your career. This transit suggests the personal acclaim you are seeking might require arduous behind-the-scenes work, and the values informing your professional ambitions will be tested. While frustrating to your dynamic enthusiasm, should you stay true to your internal compass, the steady growth of Jupiter in Taurus and the patience of Pluto in Capricorn will ground authentic aspirations into something that is enduring and generative.

The cerebral Gemini New Moon on June 17th shifts the focus to your sector of community, friendship, and professional networks, as well as your contributions to the collective wellbeing. The expansive paradigm shift that was offered by the Sagittarius Full Moon two weeks back may feel closer at hand at this lunation, with its ruler Mercury now also in this social sphere of your chart. This New Moon welcomes the sharing of ideas, play, and youthful curiosity, with Mercury's sextile to Venus in Leo supporting flirtatious new connections and a feeling of effervescence.

However, the lunation is modulated by Saturn's station retrograde in Pisces this same day, along with the Sun and Moon in square to Neptune, located along with Saturn in your shared resources and intimacy sector. Saturn's pragmatism could mitigate the deceptive or overly idealistic qualities of the Neptune square, but their combined influence could indicate a current of anxiety, loneliness, or disillusionment. The Pisces emphasis in this New Moon that conditions the last two weeks of the month calls for a review of energetic and material exchange regarding your social, community, and vocational responsibilities. Hard aspects between Gemini and Pisces could translate as a tension between your collective ideals and the realities of such commitments. Obligations do seem to restrict freedom, and yet the choice to commit promotes it. Saturn's retrograde through your intimacy sector calls for a realistic survey of the ways you are bound to others with this in mind. It may be time to review shared assets or investments, start paying off debt, or look over work contracts.

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, shining its light on more subtle dimensions of your psyche. What may arise is less conscious need for belonging and safety while seeing how yearnings for closeness may undermine your autonomy. Supportive aspects between Cancer and Pisces in the last few days of the month also encourage esoteric study, working with a mentor, or spending time in solitude to connect to the intuitive wellspring of your deep feeling, dreams, and the transpersonal.

On June 26th, the Libra First Quarter Moon in your sector of curiosity, communication, and learning suggests that diplomatic exchange could move a situation forward, with the potential for rapid clarification on what you desire or breakthroughs regarding your outer world objectives. A fixed sign square between Mars and Uranus from June 24th to the 26th is meanwhile taking place across your spheres of your identity and work in the world, a tension that could spark new ideas, and that may feel highly personal. With impulsive Mars fired up in your sign, and in connection to unpredictable Trickster Uranus, you also might need to be conscious of reckless behavior that could lead to accidents or ego-driven battles.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Cancer on June 30th in your sector of unconscious process may offer revelation or insight concerning family, ancestry, or individuals you share deep emotional bonds with. Meanwhile, Neptune's retrograde station in your house of intimacy and transformation this same day brings greater awareness to a deeper perspective on all that you have inside, and asks that you include this in the sum total of your experience. This awareness also suggests that offering the same ferocious compassion you have for others to yourself can be beneficial for you. The entire process of the June month has been helping you to more fully integrate a deeper understanding of those hidden aspects of yourself that are seated in your unconscious.