A Taurus New Moon of Full Spectrum Experience

Posted on May 18, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Taurus New Moon arrives on Friday May 19th, as the stormy cosmic weather of Eclipse Season begin to clear, and yet there’s no shortage of intensity brought by this configuration. Coming into exact position at 8:53 am PT, at 28º+ of Taurus,  we find the Sun and Moon, Uranus, Mercury, the North Node, and (as of very recently) Jupiter, all traveling through this sign. The fixed Earth sign of Taurus is thus a very busy place at the moment, and the Taurean themes of embodiment, delight in the senses, simple pleasures, and material abundance are therefore highly emphasized in this rather intense New Moon. Massive growth opportunities being initiated in this lunation are indicated by the T-square happening between Pluto, Mars, & Jupiter, which becomes a Grand Cross when you include KBO planet Haumea, at 29 + Libra, and located in the configuration. All of this spells out a New Moon that is bringing ample opportunities for grace, joy, and abundance, as well as some deeper dives into intense psychological growth processes and bringing greater awareness to our subconscious realms.

First let’s look at all the luminary energies playing out in Taurus. The Sun and Moon joining here are inviting us into this New Moon cycle with an emphasis on prioritizing our bodies, and activating our relationship to the physical, sensorial realm. Uranus continues its long journey there, revealing to us the ways we long for liberation and evolution in our bodies, our material world, and relationship to money and resources. Jupiter entered Taurus just three days prior to the New Moon on May 16th, where it only visits once every 12 years, and will spend about a year there until May of 2024. Jupiter in Taurus can be very fortunate and lovely, with an emphasis on expanding our experience of material abundance, our sense of enjoyment in our body, and to magnify our access to earthly pleasures. As always with Jupiter, we can include a little nod in the spirit of balance to say that it can also act as magnifying glass for Taurean patterns that don’t serve us like over-indulgence, over-spending, or being overly stubborn or fixed in our ways.

Jupiter at 0º Taurus also is forming a hefty T-square with Pluto at 0º Aquarius, and Mars at 29º Cancer, and is in near exact opposition with new planetary archetype Haumea at 29º Libra - making up the Grand Cross. The broad strokes of this potent configuration speak to events or circumstances arising that thrust us into processes of transformation and growth in the deepest layers of psyche and our unconscious realms. With Mars in the picture we may see sublimated anger or resentment bubbling to the surface. With Jupiter in Taurus this energy may need to find its movement and expression through our physical bodies, so finding an outlet of exercise, somatic awareness, or physical activity in some way, shape, or form will likely be helpful.

Compassionate Neptune is also featured now, because Mars also forms a close trine to Neptune with the Sun and Moon at the exact midpoint. Issues of fantasy escape or spiritual longing also have their place in this upcoming lunation cycle.

Regarding these new 21st century KBO planets, our founder Henry Seltzer’s research shows that Haumea and Makemake have to do with a profound connection to Nature and Earth issues, especially, with Makemake, one that is active in its stance. During this New Moon time we may come into contact with our love of the natural settings of our beleaguered planet, including a respect for natural law, which implies right action, right relationship and truth-telling. The Makemake archetype is also very much on our minds and in our hearts this month, because both Mercury and Saturn, themselves in close sextile, make close aspects to him as well. This could bring into our thought forms attitudes of grief, or an intense passion to do something about the state of our precious planet. The recently coined term “eco-grief” may come to mind in this connection.

Mercury just stationed direct on May 14th at 5º Taurus, and will be recovering its lost ground in the post shadow period until May 31st. Mercury’s recent retrograde was deeply intertwined the recent eclipses, so that events of the past three to four weeks may ripple again to the surface, or somehow come to resolution allowing you to find new pathways forward. You may want to recollect major themes and events that occurred for you since April 19th, and look for events and synchronicities that resonate with those themes for the remainder of May. Mercury in Taurus invites us to look for real, tangible ways to embody our expression, speak up, tend to our voice, and communicate with our full bodies. It also emphasizes the mind-body connection, so you may wish to actively look for ways to foster and nourish that aspect of your experience. The gifts of this New Moon equal the challenges, and we are asked to stretch our awareness into a “both/and” mindset.

With the strong emotions of this powerful lunation, if you find yourself embroiled in the throes of intense feelings regarding inner work that has been the theme of the past three weeks of the retrograde, or feelings regarding the climate crisis or any other aspect of modern life, I encourage you, as always, to seek the counsel of support in whatever avenue you find most helpful, be that therapy, body work, group workshops, or a trusted friend or family member.

To transcend into the peaceful realms of spiritual acceptance and include the very real pain and suffering of the human experience is to embrace the paradox inherent in this world. May you find yourself in equal measure able to access that precious inner divine spark of joy, and as well be present and compassionate with the inevitability of pain. And in this process, may we all be deeply supported in our individual paths of growth, evolution, and healing.