Aquarius Horoscope for April 2023

Posted on March 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another month of going to the inside, Aquarius, and of transformational import with regard to issues of identity and persona. Pluto, Lord of Death and Rebirth, newly entered into your sign, is featured in the lunations of this current month and the previous, signaling a long-term effects regarding your evolutionary growth – to include better understanding your deepest values and truths. Pluto was featured in the recent Equinox New Moon from March, and remains quite active into April. You are likely more aware of a wider viewpoint on the cosmos itself, and for the way that new values and attitudes are affecting your career and professional motivation. The Full Moon of April 5th in your sector of higher mind focalizes many of these awakenings, along with thorough-going examination of what lies deep within your psyche. Considerations of inner wounding involving your home and family sector, or family of origin, are also likely to arise. The onset of the Solar Eclipse of the 19th would seem to presage an intensification of all of the above, with the additional introspective meditation of the Mercury Retrograde period to follow. This dicey period fully begins two days later in this same key sector of your chart, and lasts through May to its final completion.

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The very potent Aries New Moon from March 21st took place in your third or communications sector, along with a host of other planets, which may continue to contribute – as the month of April begins – to a burning desire to begin studying a new body of knowledge, to speak about the knowledge you already have attained, or to develop a greater sense of autonomy in your social life. Due to that New Moon being directly influenced by Mars and Pluto, there might have been a tremendous sense of renewal surrounding your identity and self-expression. These influences may still be lingering into early April. The lesson at this time is to not be afraid to embark on a new direction of study and inquisitive learning, and to be mindful that you don’t speak up without first considering what you’re going to say.

On April 3rd, Mercury ingresses into Taurus, bringing a slower and more grounded approach to how you think and communicate, especially when seeking to comfort others with your words. This could be an excellent time to harness the deliberate mental acuity you have now to be present and available to help loved ones process their grief. The theme of securing your financial situation to help care for your loved ones and conserve the safe home that protects them could color the entire month of April for you. And because of Mercury’s placement in your home and family sector and its aspect to Pluto, it is important that you maintain your renewed sense of independence and passion to express your identity, while at the same time protecting the nest egg that provides security for your family.

The Libra Full Moon lands in your sector of higher education, expansion, and opportunity on the late evening of April 5th, with the Sun closely conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which is also near Jupiter and in aspect to Trickster Uranus. This is a vivid and communicatively engaging combination. Because Chiron is conjunct the Sun, this key lunation could stimulate issues of inner wounding, likely the residue of early trauma, that has become more fully ripe for healing. It may be that you are feeling especially open to sharing your traumatic stories with others in hopes of finding some much-needed healing. The results of doing this can relieve a tremendous amount of pressure and allow you to further liberate yourself from psychological and emotional blockages that have been in place for a long time, which in turn will undoubtedly improve your sense of identity and security in life.

Venus moves into Gemini late on April 10th, making a trine to Pluto in your sign. This can inspire you to develop more pride and less insecurity about your unique identity. When we stay attuned to who we are as individuals, we can feel more confident in expressing ourselves to others. The Sun joins Jupiter in Aries in your sector of communication, learning, and curiosity on the same day, encouraging you to engage with more diverse people to gain greater understanding and appreciation for humanity. You might be feeling extra inquisitive and excitable today, wanting to venture out onto some trails in nature or into your local city or town for some enlivening socializing.

As Mercury begins its early shadow period on April 7th, in Taurus, ahead of its upcoming retrograde cycle, be mindful that anything happening between now and mid- to late May is likely going to need to be revisited during the last part of May and into June after Mercury is actually retrograde (April 21-May 14) and then recovering (May 15-May 31). Because Mercury is in Taurus in your sector of inner security, nurturing, and emotional processing right now and through the retrograde period, you may be spending a good deal of time reexamining your insecurities, reflecting upon how to better provide sustainability to your family, or simply improving or fixing things throughout your house. This placement can indicate a time of deep emotional processing, which in turn can help alleviate a good deal of grief or personal insecurities.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on the late evening of April 19th takes place in the final degree of Aries, again corresponding to your sector of communication, curiosity, and diversity, and it closely squares transformational Pluto in your sign, creating yet another fresh start, perhaps involving a complete upgrade or reinvention of your identity. Your fiery desire to adventure and learn new things has likely captivated you over the past month, stimulating a renewed zest for life, and because these are the last moments of Sun and Moon together in Aries this year, any final aspirations to achieve greater understanding about something you’ve been longing to learn would be worth ceremoniously setting an intention for today.

The Sun and Moon both enter Taurus by about four hours after the eclipse. They are still squaring Pluto. This can encourage you to be especially privy to the value of taking care of those you love and protecting the resources that help sustain your security and lifestyle. It is vital during these times to be present with yourself and your deepest convictions, which tell you the true picture when you can listen, and to not dismiss your need to emotionally process any feelings of sorrow or insecurity.

The Mercury Retrograde period of time that begins on April 21st is good for reflective meditation and introspection to enhance your sense of grounding and security in life, but it is not the best time to push the river with new initiatives or to force financial decisions. It would be wise to spend this time ensuring the future security of yourself, your loved one, and your children, if you have them. You are likely reconsidering certain choices you made that you might suspect of not being in your best interest, or for sustaining savings for your loved ones, or that affected your innate sense of inner security.

You may feel a shift in the energy or a greater sense of joy when Mercury stations direct in May, but until the post-shadow period of time has passed it is not the best time to force decisions that may be premature. You are could wind up reconsidering certain choices you make through to nearly the end of May, counting Mercury’s post-shadow period of time. Along the way you are examining within to discover your true nature, or possibly what you may have contemplated concerning how you would like to be recognized and appreciated by others. A reexamination of your entire collection of resources can help you eventually align with the total inner vision picture you have for your future and the future of your loved ones.