Pisces Horoscope for February 2023

Posted on January 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a good month for you, Pisces, for deep thoughts. As it begins you are feeling the recent Aquarius New Moon in your sector of dream imagination and inner work and it is clear that something significant is going on beneath your surface layers. You could get glimpses of this in waking meditation or if you keep a journal beside your bed to record your night-time dreams. You are in a thoughtful time of looking more deeply into what unconsciously stirs you. With the Leo Full Moon of February 5th your ideas and perhaps your communication runs a bit wild, and you also could expand your field of vision to include important partners and their impact upon you. A special mention must also be made for the Moon’s Last Quarter, taking place on Monday, February 13th, a time of great concern for where your beliefs might be leading you, and for attempting to take concerted action to align yourself with your most profoundly held principles as you move yourself forward. The New Moon in your sign on the 19th and 20th is geared toward leading you into an entirely new developmental phase.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Keywords: Introspection, Unconscious, Self-Image, and Values

The month of February begins in the wake of the mysterious New Moon in Aquarius from the last ten days of the previous month, which stimulated your sector of unconscious process, dream imagination, and inner work. This is an introspective influence that allows you to take stock of where you stand and where you are heading. There are things that only your night-time dreams are going to be able to tell you as far as your interior working are involved, and your meditative introspection can bring you rich rewards as the month continues to unfold. You have been reviewing and rethinking your prospective plans and with the second week of the month for are ready to act upon all this recent analyzing.

February is also a month that you can think of it as the preparatory stage for the important shifts that will come when Saturn enters your sign of Pisces next month. There may be new commitments on the horizon that require a different approach to the ways you have been doing things while also bringing more structure for you to work with. You might feel a tension between the old and the new and the important changes that lay ahead. Venus in Pisces for most of February should help smooth out your relationships with others and give you the charm needed to convince anyone. There could be a bit of a dichotomy between the way you feel internally and the face you show to the world but this should subside towards the end of the month.

From the 3rd through the 5th, Venus in Pisces forms a square with Mars in Gemini ,and the Full Moon in Leo also takes place. This could be an eventful week with an emphasis on your personal desires and motivations. You may feel single-minded at this time which could make it harder to compromise with others.

The Leo Full Moon arrives on Sunday, February 5th, culminating in the sector of your chart that relates to your health and your everyday routine, your body, and your well-being. Partners in your life might help you to resolve inner self-worth issues. Stressors might need to be addressed consciously at this time especially if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. Give yourself plenty of space to do what you want and create some quiet time to decompress if you need it at this time.

The second week of February can bring an emphasis on your aspirations and your role in your community. You may be working towards the realization of a dream and things could be moving forward in surprising ways now. You might feel that one era is coming to a close and that a new era is about to begin that requires your full engagement. Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th emphasizing the need to follow your own thought processes at this time. External advice may simply bring more confusion and you may need to deliberately create a buffer around you to think things through and plan your next move accordingly. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces on the 15th and 16th may highlight a vision that is hard to articulate into words while the Sun forming a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on these same days could find you reflecting on the past and on the future in a major way. Take the time you need to assess things from where you stand without pushing yourself. The time for hard work and discipline will come soon enough so take advantage of the liminal zones to rest and regroup.

The New Moon in your sign lands on the late evening of the 19th, early morning of the 20th, signaling the beginning of a new cycle for your overall direction and personal desires. Your sense of identity has been shifting and may now be off to a fresh start. It could feel easier to focus on your needs in the weeks ahead, and you may have important opportunities for long-term growth knocking at your door that could yield significant results. Take the time you need to assess things carefully. This period is not so much about speed but more about the honest appraisal of the territory and the subsequent fertilization that will be needed for future harvests.

You may discover that there is a lot working in your favor right now so that utilizing your resources diligently could bring long-term prosperity. There may be an element of risk needed but the gamble could pay off. On the 21st and 22nd, Mercury squares Uranus in Taurus and trines Mars in Gemini or your sector of home and family, making the last full week of February a busy one. Then, on February 27th, the First Quarter Moon takes place in Gemini aspecting Venus in Aries by a same-degree sextile. Your values and your resources contribute to your understanding and appreciation of home and family concerns, while partnerships in your life also benefit from a better adherence to your core beliefs and standards. You are on an important developmental road at this time and getting sidetracked by anything that distracts you from that is time wasted, so stay with it!