A Gemini New Moon of Reviewing & Integrating Change

Posted on May 28, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Gemini New Moon that becomes exact on May 30th at 4:30 am Pacific Time, later for the east coast and Europe, soars into view on gossamer wings, bringing an air of mental evaluation and conversational connection to the powerful astrological currents surging through. This is the first New Moon after the recent Eclipse Season, from April 30th to May 15th, and many of us are probably still integrating and settling around transformational processes that got stirred up during that time. We are likely still in deep consideration of the massive structural changes that were prompted over the last thirty days, and operating in a time of reflection and questioning of what possibilities are now blossoming. Like a social butterfly flitting about from flower to flower, the Gemini Moon brings an air of curiosity, and of adaptability.  Mercury Retrograde is also playing a big role in this lunar cycle, being the ruler of Gemini, remaining in the depths of its retrograde motion through to June 3rd, and then two weeks longer to escape its retrograde shadow.  Mercury occupies an important position in the New Moon chart in relation to Saturn and Pluto. We also have some vivacious influences from Mars and Jupiter in Aries, lighting up our excitement and passion. Let’s take a further look at the astrological details of this lunation.
The recent eclipses activated the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which emphasizes  the body, tangible realms, emotions and inner psychology. Gemini is more about thoughts and communication, so this New Moon is a good time to focus on our mental inquiry and how we’re framing into language what has been happening in our bodily experience and emotional states over the past month. Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is in the depths of its retrograde motion during the New Moon, and goes direct on June 3rd. During the New Moon, Mercury is at 26º Taurus, which is just one degree away from where the Sun was at 25º during the most recent Lunar Eclipse. This is important to note because with retrograde Mercury in this New Moon activating the eclipse degree, this can cause us to rehash the events of that time. Perhaps this signals a need to bring our explicit mental understanding and attitudes into an updated relationship with how things are changing for us in the Taurus-Scorpio realms of embodiment, tangible belongings and money, as well as deep-emotion psychology, and our healing process. This 26 degree mark of Taurus is also closely square to Saturn and trine to Pluto, so just as the recent eclipse was very much about structural change and deep psychological transformation, so too is this Gemini New Moon
There is also a bit of a “hurry up and slow down” situation happening with this New Moon. Some energies are pointing to deliberate consideration, and really taking some time to pause and digest our recent experiences, while other parts of the configuration suggest a rush of forward motion, eagerness, and impatience. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries absolutely signals this latter, and provides a big burst of vital energy that wants to make bold choices, follow gut instincts and just move on, already!
One invitation here is to work with allowing your vital energy, passion, and excitement to simmer and sort of “cook” into a tender stew. A good way to use this vibrant Mars-Jupiter energy is to envision the future, lay out different plans of action, make clear intentions, and get current with what really lights you up. If possible though, big life choices and drastic actions may want to wait until several days or a week after June 3rd, once Mercury starts really moving forward again. You may also want to experiment with your tendencies in these realms. Do you usually pause and hesitate to the point of missing out on opportunities? Or do you tend to leap before you look and potentially land in an undesirable situation? You might want to play with leaning toward a direction that gently pushes the edges of your comfort zone. 
Another note on this early Aries conjunction is that Mars is at home in Aries, offering us a chance to get in touch with our healthy Mars expression. This could look like intending for our choices, willpower, and actions to be an expression of the highest good, as well as getting in touch with healthy anger, and cutting ties with what no longer serves us. Jupiter has a magnifying effect, so along with the boost of vitality we may also see with stark clarity where our Mars is out of whack, including passive aggression, resentment, vengefulness, and reactivity. If you glimpse such things in yourself, I encourage you to greet them, and inquire with those parts what motivation lies beneath the behavior. Often we will find places within us that were hurt in the past, and are now doing their best to cope, protect, and manage our experience. 
In summary, you may wish to take some time around this New Moon to slow down, meditate, and journal on your process. This is also a good time to discuss what is up for you with your therapist, healing practitioner, or other trusted allies. We may have a good idea about some of what’s happening inside of us, but getting it out on paper or having our experience reflected by another helps us get even more clear, see into our blind spots, and receive support. Gemini reminds us that we need each other, and we don’t have to do it all by ourselves. 
We don’t have to look far to see that our world in this current era is continuing in an intensely transformative and rapidly changing fashion. I encourage everyone to exercise great attention with their own self-care and wellbeing, and to offer gentleness and compassion to others in turn, as we are all on this wild ride together. One final note in terms of embracing the Gemini vibes of this New Moon is to encourage making room for both grief as well as playfulness in whatever way feels right for you. Gemini allows us the flexibility to welcome duality, and to dance with the dynamism of paradox. May we each have the support and resources to spread our wings into the expansive spectrum of human experience, and the fluidity to embrace the paradoxical nature of our world.