Libra Horoscope for January 2021

Posted on December 31, 2020 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month represents an exciting new beginning, Libra, at least by mental reflection on the year-number, with its idea of letting go of the dysfunctional past, and is paradoxically both that and more of the same old same old, with difficulties still present that have plagued you all this past and crazy year. A twist in the astrological patterning leads you into new directions. Your creative self-expression is taking off in new and interesting ways, while you are getting more real with the fundamental transformation taking place at the very core of your being. You benefit by simply acknowledging that this just isn’t Kansas anymore. There is a novel and perhaps joyful sense of responsibility percolating through you for what you conceive and execute on, while a powerful sense of intuition continues to reveal surprising truths that affect you more and more as the month unfolds. Partnership is powerful for you now, and helps you to uncover a determination to inhabit your most authentic self, going forward. Thus, while you cannot change the circumstances you find yourself in, you can and must change your response to these, becoming in the process your own hero.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year, dear Libra, and congratulations on getting through 2020 hopefully stronger and wiser from its trials. As the month begins, your ruling planet, Venus, is still transiting in Sagittarius and is in a tight conjunction with the South Node. There may therefore be a powerful incentive at the beginning of the year to let go of old notions that are holding you back. You may feel the need to purge old thought patterns. Because Venus is currently in your communication sector, thus could help you rethink your connections to the internet and social media, as well as other forms of communication that you engage with. Technology permeates our lives more than ever, which does allow us to connect with our friends and family long-distance. Unfortunately, we do not always have the capacity to filter all the information and ideas that are automatically presented to us. As this monthly cycle gets underway you might be revising the ways in which you share your ideas, your work, and more extensively the ways you stay connected to the people you care about. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that took place in mid-November brought some realizations surrounding all these things, including how you stay connected. The effect of this Solar Eclipse will continue to reverberate in the months ahead which can help you rethink the way you communicate with others and express yourself. 

On January 6th to the 8th, Mars enters Taurus and subsequently Venus, your ruler, enters Capricorn. The trine between these two personal planets suggests that relationship in your life is more greatly emphasized. When Mars finally leaves the sign of Aries, where it has been transiting for the last six months, it could bring a shift in your partnerships, after a long period of intense focus, and perhaps negotiations. Mars will be in Taurus until the beginning of March bringing attention to your intimacy with partners, also agreements that you have with them, as well as contracts and alliances in general, and how these help you move ahead in your chosen direction.

Mercury enters Aquarius on the 8th as well, where it joins Saturn and Jupiter, bringing a great deal of focus and energy to tackle creative projects, romantic scenarios and more extensively emphasizes your children whether these are literal or metaphorical ones. Venus being now in Capricorn in your home and family sector represents a change of pace also. During the second weekend of the month, you may therefore feel like turning your attention inward preferring to focus on personal matters. Venus transiting in Capricorn all month could prompt you to deal with unfinished business at home, such as renovations or family concerns, so that you may feel like investing some money into your home or beautifying your space. Venus in Capricorn trine Mars in Taurus could also highlight support coming from a business partner. You may however have to contend with some unpredictable factors that are out of your control which may become more acute as you progress through the month. You can gain a lot of traction in your creative endeavors even if some elements remain uncertain. The right balance of foresight and flexibility can get you where you want to go. You might have to take some calculated risks to get ahead.

On January 12th, the New Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto, and brings a renewing influence to your home sector. There has been transformation for you in thus area for many months, and this transit could serve as a capper, perhaps indicating that an old way of existing doesn’t work for you anymore. You might even be saying goodbye to a home or a lifestyle. You might not be sure of what lays ahead, but new seeds are already sprouting for you in unfamiliar soils. There could definitely as well be a compulsive quality surrounding this New Moon, or a powerful urge to transform something in your life that has become outdated. Information perhaps comes to light that can help you to move ahead.  Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius at the time of this New Moon, and this could be your cue to use patience at this time. You are also likely to meet some resistance towards the accomplishments of your goals; yet you can get ahead with proper planning and a calm mindset.

Uranus stations direct in Taurus on the 14th and comes into a square with Jupiter in Aquarius on the 17th, which for you accentuates your need to break free from limiting circumstances, and to dig down inside yourself using your powerful intuition to obtain your own answers.

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, where Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury are already transiting. All these planets currently in Aquarius emphasize your creative sector, and carry a lot of energy for artistic projects, self-expression, romance, children and more extensively what brings you pleasure. Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus on the 20th could also bring up a few surprises. There may be some resistance coming from you or someone else which could put a strain on your intimate connections and your collaborations. It’s best to allow yourself and your loved ones the space to move freely at this time and regroup later.

The Full Moon in Leo, on the 28th, illuminates your social sector and your place within a community. This is an important juncture when you are feeling into how your creative contributions directly affect your community, or the society. You may receive fresh acknowledgement for your work, or gain clarity regarding the role you want to play out in the world and and groups you want to associate yourself with.

Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on January 30th and will be moving backward through this sign until February 20th. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius will be your cue to bring hard work and better structures to what you love, whether this is a project, a romantic scenario, or potentially, your connections to your children.