Venus in Scorpio: Connection, Vulnerability, and Truth

Posted on October 8, 2019 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Venus, our lovely planetary goddess of beauty, connection, and earthly delight is transitioning from Libra to Scorpio on October 8th, and will be there for the rest of the month. Tracking the movement of Venus through the zodiac can be likened to checking the weather for the relational and social fabric of our lives. Whatever sign Venus is traveling through tends to color our human connective experiences with that energy. Venus also rules our sense of values, beauty, and material possessions, so you can look for her influence in those areas as well. On October 8th she bids farewell to the comfortable territory of her home sign of Libra, and ventures into the deeper waters of Scorpio. During this time we can look for a change from lighter and more harmonic relatedness, to one of delving into more into depth, intensity, and exploring unconscious patterns.

In terms of essential dignities, or how strong is a particular planet in a particular sign, Scorpio is where Venus is considered to be in her “detriment,” which means that the archetype of feminine and aesthetic beauty represented by Venus is less comfortable there, and – just like any traveler who finds themselves in a foreign environment – adjustments in functioning are required. Where for the sign of Libra there is more natural ease, and finding ways of connecting that are simple, elegant, and pleasant, Scorpio enjoins us to the deep dive. We may be invited to bring our presence and awareness to places in ourselves and in others that is raw, intense, and vulnerable. It requires bravery to connect with others from the authenticity of our unfiltered experience, yet when we can meet one another there with love and acceptance, we may be able to reclaim pieces of ourselves that we’ve kept small and hidden for far too long, stepping more fully into our power.

Also, in another astrological current of these interesting times, on October 12th Venus will come into an exact opposition with Uranus at 5 + degrees of Taurus. Uranus has just this year truly begun its journey through the fixed earth sign of Taurus, but already we see matters of material resources and relationship to the earth shifting seismically. As we attempt to evolve and survive the many problems we face in our world, we will need some help from the innovative solutions that Uranus can bring. Our relating around this mid-month will also partake of this energy of Uranus, who is known for throwing caution to the winds and striking out in strange ways to reach for the unexpected result. For the few days surrounding Venus in Scorpio opposing this archetype of The Great Awakener, we may find unusual wake-up calls inviting us to see more clearly into our capacity to be vulnerable in intimate relationship. This might serve to alter the ways we tend to shape ourselves when we feel in some way threatened. Each of us has very different patterning around what happens inside when we feel emotionally unsafe, and being in relationship with others provides necessary access points to identify and release ourselves from the binds of unconscious patterning.

When we can frame our triggers as opportunities, we begin to see how we can react from a place of fear, and in learning from this, instead practice how to respond from the truth of Love. Uranus, in all of the ways it reveals itself, ultimately wants us to be free as the potently brilliant beings that we are, liberated to operate as a sovereign whole. As we navigate these deep Scorpionic waters, may we each possess the kindness and the bravery to love and accept ourselves, and others, in the gloriously full spectrum of our human experience.