Scorpio Horoscope for September 2019

Posted on August 31, 2019 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month is you are all about prospective goals, Scorpio, so that you are excited and optimistic and full of energy for moving ahead and breaking into new territory. It is also possible that in your enthusiasm you will over-idealize what you have going, and ignore the built-in boundAries of what is concretely realizable. You need to also honor that voice in your head that holds you accountable to limitation; your task this month is to find the balance point between these contradictory impulses. Your self-expression expands mightily at mid-month, and might also take a mystical turn. You have the creativity to get yourself to the lofty heights that you aspire to, and yet are also honing your communications skills as you attempt to articulate these high-flying schemes. You must perhaps also recognize that your learning curve is a critical component. Your sense of mission now is huge, so forge ahead with all the confidence that you can muster while still keeping that safety net firmly in mind.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month begins just as Mercury in Virgo in your eleventh house of friends, groups, and allies is making a trine to Uranus in Taurus in your seventh house of relationships. At the same time, Mars will be at the heart of the Sun (cazimi) in Virgo in your eleventh house (September 1st and 2nd). The Virgo New Moon from just before the month began, on August 30th, was a powerful one and therefore more fully emphasized your eleventh house interests and concerns. You goals may become better defined throughout the developmental period of this monthly cycle. With Uranus involved, this combination also points to innovation and inspiration pouring through your relationships, or perhaps pointing you toward participation in a new social group this month. You may also find that you are helping a friend or receiving help from an ally, or that you are generally feeling empowered to implement a new idea or a new strategy of some kind.

Between September 2nd and 4th, Venus will then oppose Neptune in Pisces in your fifth house of joy, creativity, and good fortune. Watch for themes of romance and play, creativity and friendships, children and joy, as well as the importance of friendships and your social life, in general during this time. There may also be a lesson in here about boundAries or ethics within your relationships at this time.

Between September 8th to the 12th, the Sun and Mars in Virgo will then move through a square with Jupiter in Sagittarius in your second house of money and resources, suggesting a period of invigoration and activity that might be productive and even financially fruitful. You could also be paying someone to teach you something new or investing in some form of learning or personal support during this time.

Between September 13th to the 14th, Mercury and Venus will conjoin in Virgo and then move together into Libra in your twelfth house of dissolution and self-undoing. Watch for communication in relationships to become deeper, or perhaps more meditative or psychological during this time, and be careful of gossip or secretiveness.

On The late evening of September 13th, the Full Moon falls in Pisces in your fifth house, in a close conjunction with Neptune. Your ruler, Mars, is also close by, and in perfect opposition with Neptune, providing a taste of spiritual progress, or perhaps confusion or illusion, as you deal with groups or goals. The message of this month’s Full Moon also has to do with faith and joy. You might ant to be asking yourself, what brings you true, lasting happiness, and what changes do you need to make in order to make more room for healthiness and happiness in your everyday life' Pondering these questions is also closely linked to all the emphasis in Virgo this month, within your house of friends and of the larger social or professional circles you belong to.

Between September 21st and 22nd, Jupiter in Sagittarius in your second house will then square Neptune in Pisces in your fifth house. For almost a year now you have been working on and evaluating everything related to both pleasure and money, spending and pleasure-seeking, habits and addictions, as well as the topics of who and what you can or can’t control. This last pass of Jupiter to Neptune may bring with it a synthesis of learning and growth, especially if you are willing to look carefully at the difference between your healthiest self and your healthiest habits and those that are not serving you any longer.

On September 23rd, the Sun will move into the sign of Libra, crossing the threshold of the Fall equinox and moving into your twelfth house of self-undoing and dissolution. For the next thirty days you may find that you are exploring the deeper insights gained from recent changes in your relationships, at work, or in your friendships. Be careful not to let superficial concerns or an escapist tendency take you away from an opportunity you are being given to become wiser and deeper in all your relationships right now.

Between September 25th and 26th, Venus in Libra will square Saturn in Capricorn in your third house, just as Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Don’t be surprised if secret, inappropriate, or hidden thoughts or feelings surface right now, or become public. You may need to have a difficult conversation or finally make a difficult choice that you’ve been avoiding. Whatever the case might be, honesty and mature but flexible thinking will help you through a short but challenging transit window here.

Finally, on September 28th, the New Moon in Libra will land in your twelfth house, perhaps emphasizing the need to escape, reflect, distance, or release your grip on things for a while. This will be the motif for most of October as well, as the thirty-day lunar cycle plays out. Over the weeks to come, as you do your retreat, just make sure that you do so in a healthy way. You will likely see a deeper and more peaceful energy blessing you with needed rest and perspective as you do.