Taurus Horoscope for September 2019

Posted on August 31, 2019 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

You have another amazing month ahead of you, Taurus, when transformation is in the air and surprising revelations abound. Creative self-expression has been your watchword for weeks, and this accelerates to an unexpected new gear, reflecting evolving worldview. Finances are your friend right now, and so is increased intimacy. Even seeming setbacks bring you closer to your actual mission. You will want to pay the closest possible attention to inner work this month because your angel guidance is laboring overtime to steer your pathway forward in life-enhancing directions. Your self-concept is scintillating, as evidenced in the many and novel ways that you show up for others, and the side paths that you might be inclined to take are also rewarding, leading you to unforeseen enlightenment. You are adopting the path of service to others, and to the principle of natural law, all in a quiet and unstudied way. The secret is to remain as true to your most authentic core values as you can muster.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month begins just as Mercury in Virgo in your fifth house of good fortune, creativity, and children, is making a trine to Uranus in Taurus in your first house, and just as Mars in Virgo is also at the heart of the Sun (cazimi). This rare and special alignment points to a moment of breakthrough creativity, or perhaps a surge of creative energy or force that is both productive and innovative at the same time, and that, riding the wave of new energy from the recent New Moon, will last for the next thirty days of the lunation cycle. With Uranus so involved, you may also find that you are getting to the heart of a problem and immediately finding new techniques for implementing a different type of solution, perhaps even with the aid of a new form of technology.

Between September 2nd and 4th, Venus in Virgo in your fifth house will then oppose Neptune in Pisces in your eleventh house of friends, allies, and groups. Watch for themes of romance and intoxication, imagination and art, to become prominent. It’s possible to be deluded within friendships or romantic partnerships right now, so be careful to stay clear and keep good boundAries. Meanwhile, there is also an opportunity right now for special partnerships, groups, or allies to enter your life, especially those related to imagination, art, or spirituality.

Between September 8th and the 12th, the Sun in Virgo, along with Mars in Virgo, will move through squares to Jupiter in your eighth house of death, anxiety, and other people’s resources. It’s possible that the creative collaborations you are working on this month will now require a deeper commitment, perhaps financial in nature. You should also be careful of the price you might be paying for something creative, fun, or joyful, or even the amount of money or debt you are willing to go into for the sake of your children. At the same time, it’s possible that you will be receiving a strong vote of confidence or support from someone you’re close to right now. Just make sure you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Between September 13th to the 14th, Mercury and Venus will conjoin in Virgo and then move together into Libra, from your fifth house of joy, creativity, and children to the sixth house of sickness, service, and hard work. Watch for themes of creativity and communication, love and learning, partnering and strategizing to move from a creative phase right into the hard work of implementation. You should also not be surprised if a creative project meets with a few obstacles or some challenging political or social obstacles. With some patience, a solution will likely be possible.

On The late evening of September 13th, the Full Moon in Pisces will also emphasize creative, imaginative, or artistic groups of people, allies, or friendships. At the same time you should pay close attention to who or what you are being influenced by. You may not be seeing everything clearly given the Full Moon’s close conjunction to Neptune. Because Mars is simultaneously opposed to Neptune, partnerships might be confusing also, or take on a spiritual component.

Between September 21st and 22nd, Jupiter in Sagittarius in your eighth house will then square Neptune in your eleventh house, pointing toward a moment of working through some deeper issues, or working through a moment of deeper learning, perhaps with teachers or perhaps with friends or within groups that you belong to. It’s also a great time to begin envisioning long-term creative collaboration efforts. The resources available to you now, through others, as well as what you may bring to others, are in the spotlight.

On September 23rd, the Sun will enter Libra at he Fall Equinox, and move into your sixth house of work, sickness, and service, where it will stay for the next thirty days, emphasizing themes of learning, harmonizing, and laboring or working. Look for ways that you can become happier and more balanced in your day-to-day life, perhaps through a change to the way in which you do your daily work, or the self-care regimens that you use.

Between September 25th and 26th, Venus in Libra in the sixth house will square Saturn in Capricorn in the ninth house of faith, the higher mind, and long journeys, just as Mercury in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This is a moment where you are likely working hard and perhaps implementing new rules, structures, or practices into your everyday life, health, or even in the workplace. Don’t be surprised if you are struggling a little bit to integrate or implement recent lessons learned.

Finally, on September 28th, the New Moon in Libra falls in your sixth house of work, sickness, and service, emphasizing a full lunar cycle ahead that could prove to be quite humbling, or which may require you to put a lot of effort into your work, or into some form of service for others. If you can bring balance to whatever you are doing, the lunar cycle ahead should be both productive and peaceful.