Pisces Horoscope for February 2019

Posted on January 31, 2019 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Another very interesting month is in the offing for you, Pisces, one that is centered on self-development. You have been refining over many months now your understanding of who you are at the very core of your personality, as also reflected in actions based on your most sincere values. This month in some sense puts the icing on the cake, especially with the timing of the February 4th Aquarius New Moon. You might well find that the route to self-fulfillment comes to you through a process of inner work. In engaging in your depth researches you may encounter ancient wounds arising to confront you, helping to make you aware of how they are crippling your personal evolution. If so, the trick is no longer to avoid, but rather to pay attention to your painful places within you, the same way that you would care for a hurt child. It is not by sidetracking that you will make the progress that you need to make, but only by going through.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

February begins with a square from Mars in Aries in your second house of money, business, and resources making a square to Pluto in Capricorn in your eleventh house of friends, groups, and allies. This transit indicates a powerful moment of catharsis related to work and business matters to start the month. However, this transit may also reveal hidden motives within groups or among colleagues or friends, or it may bring sudden expenditures. You should also be careful of any and all “pay to play” offers you receive right now.

Simultaneously, Venus in Sagittarius in your tenth house of career will be making a trine to Uranus in Aries in your second house, suggesting breakthroughs, innovation, and sudden or unexpected turns of fortune and blessings related to work and work relationships. However, again, with Venus squaring Chiron in Pisces in your first house, it’s very important to look at your self-esteem, health, or self-worth during these experiences. There is a message of personal healing and validation in the stars right now, but don’t forget that you have always been beautiful, and you will always be beautiful, exactly as you are.

On February 3rd, Venus will enter Capricorn and move into your house of friends, allies, and groups, where it will bring good fortune, beauty, friendship, and harmony for the rest of the month. You are optimistic concerning goals and plans for concretely realizing these goals, although hard work is also indicated in order to get you there.

On February 4th, the New Moon in Aquarius falls into your twelfth house, giving you a warning, that however bright things may seem, you shouldn’t neglect your inner life right now. The New Moon in the twelfth house, ruled by Saturn in your eleventh, once again suggests that you look very carefully at what constitutes a solid and reliable colleague, friend or ally and what does not. You are also more and more greatly aware of the hidden places within you, as the month continues to unfold.

Between February 12th and 13th, Mars in Aries will conjoin Uranus in Aries in your second house of money, business, and resources, bringing another powerful moment of breakthrough, decisive action, and unexpected intensity into financial or professional matters. Then, on February 14th, Mars will enter Taurus and move into your third house of siblings, communication, and the mind. The God of war will bring themes of conflict and courage, assertiveness and action into your mind and thoughts, perhaps indicating a period of greater frustration mentally, but also action and assertiveness in mind and speech.

On February 18th and 19th, Venus in Capricorn will conjoin Saturn in Capricorn in your eleventh house bringing the God of boundAries and separation into close contact with the Goddess of friendship and agreement. It’s a paradoxical transit that may have you recognizing the potential for deeper commitment and agreement among friends or within groups, while also recognizing where certain relationships have reached their natural conclusion. On February 18th, as well, Chiron will enter the sign of Aries and move into your second house, where it will stay for the next decade emphasizing a long period of healing and spiritual growth related to money and finances, business and material resources.

On February 19th, the Full Moon in Virgo will land in your seventh house of relationships, indicating a significant moment for you and your relationships. As the Full Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is also conjoining with Neptune in Pisces in your first house, issues of personal authenticity, honesty, and transparency will be important topics in your relationships.

On February 22nd, Venus in Capricorn in your eleventh house will conjoin Pluto, once more bringing themes of transformation into the house of friends, allies, and groups. Then, a few days later, Venus will move toward a square with Uranus in Aries in your second house as the month winds down (perfecting by month’s end), bringing with it continued innovation, defiance, and liberating changes in both your social circles and in relation to business and finances.