Aquarius Horoscope for December 2018

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month is a celebration of your inner senses, Aquarius. A truly spiritual worldview is emerging, earth-connected and based in natural law, as you are aiming to find areas of service that lead you to a greater integration, top to bottom. As matters begin to resolve, home and family issues that you are continuing to deal with, with you having been seeking the inner motivation of these matters for several weeks now, are coming nearer to the centrality of your scheduling. You are thinking things through for the second or third time. Getting out of an existing rut suddenly seems more attractive, and new beginnings beckon. You are finding your way through to acting and communicating your deepest values, which rise to a higher level of awareness than you have reached heretofore, and the action you take must be from the heart, without limit. This is based to a far greater extent on subtle planes beyond the physical than you once imagined.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month gets started right on the heels of Venus’ recent opposition to Uranus, which perfected on November 30th and is still very much lingering in the air to start the month. Across your ninth and third houses, this transit highlights an intellectual and spiritual revolution in your relationships. Watch for themes of independence, freedom, exploration, and unexpected change, especially in relation to your creativity, beliefs, and ideals. You may feel the need to communicate your own unique perspective this month, regardless of whether others agree with you or not. This is a provocative transit that can be hard on relationships if freedom and personal differences are not honored.

Meanwhile, all month long the most dynamic planetary transits are taking place in the sign of Sagittarius, in your eleventh house of friends and groups, making several squares to Mars and Neptune in Pisces in your second house of money and resources. Within each transit, you will be looking very closely at your social life, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future, perhaps seeking out new connections, but at the same time your time, money, energy, and resources may also be in the spotlight this month, creating some tension around who and what to prioritize or invest in.

On December 2nd, the Sun in Sagittarius squares Mars in Pisces in your second house. This is a heroic transit that might have you investing in or giving yourself to a social cause, a group, or the needs of your friends or colleagues. Be careful that you don’t overextend yourself or become a martyr for someone else’s cause but otherwise look for inspiring new opportunities with your friends or within various professional, political, or spiritual groups.

Late evening on December 6th, continuing into the next day, the New Moon in Sagittarius lands in your eleventh house and makes a square to the Mars/Neptune conjunction happening in your second house. A seed of friendship, dreaming, and new allies is being planted this month, doubling down on the same themes that started last month when Jupiter entered Sagittarius. This applies for the next thirty days of this lunation cycle, when you must also beware of strong Neptune. The square from the New Moon to Mars and Neptune in Pisces in the second house may add a layer of confusion or illusion into the mix. What are you willing to compromise for the sake of having friends, or what kind of influence do your friends or social circles have on you? There is a charitable and compassionate energy to this transit, but it’s also possible to find yourself drained or exhausted by your own idealism.

On December 20th, the Sun in Sagittarius in your eleventh house will make a trine to Uranus in Aries in your third house of the communication, learning, and the mind. This is an energizing transit that will create a wave of mental or intellectual excitement, especially in relation to your friends and your social scene. Watch for a sudden change in thinking or an exciting conversation that stimulates new ideas or introduces you to new allies or creative projects.

On December 21st, Mercury in Sagittarius will conjoin Jupiter, bringing with it an aura of wisdom and learning, or perhaps announcing the entrance of new teachers or the start of an educational journey. Be careful of preaching to friends or friends that preach and remember to think carefully before making any big agreements. While Mercury and Jupiter often bring a spirit of optimism, goodness, and charm, Mercury in Sagittarius can make you easily forget to think carefully before signing yourself away based on a fleeting moment of wide-eyed delight.

On December 24th, Mercury in Sagittarius will then square Neptune in Pisces in your second house, bringing last month’s Mercury Retrograde full circle, back to the place where it all got started. You’ve likely been thinking a lot lately about the future, about where you belong or fit in and what you believe philosophically or spiritually, and if it’s possible for the two to meet in a meaningful way. Mercury’s square to Neptune in your second house has had you looking very closely at what you tend to give up or compromise and how your unfulfilled needs or desires are related to unclear principles or fuzzy thinking. As Mercury is now passing through the square to Neptune in direct motion, there is an opportunity for clarity, learning, and a reprioritizing of your time, energy, money, and values, especially in relation to your social sphere of life.

Other transits to think about this month include the Winter Solstice on December 21st, when the Sun moves into Capricorn and enters your twelfth house and then the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd, which lands in your sixth house. These two transits foreshadow the eclipses that will now take place across your sixth and twelfth house axis for the next year, all of which points to a period of deep and very personal transition. With your ruling planet, Saturn, also in your twelfth house, you are in a kind of liminal space right now, a place between worlds that will take you deeply inward in order to heal and grow before the very powerful rebirthing moment when Saturn enters your home sign and first house in 2020.