Aries Horoscope for December 2018

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

You are exploring your depths this month, Aries. A spiritual proclivity has overtaken you, and you a busily investigating life and love, as well as studied action, from an almost brand new perspective. This involves making a move, as Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter once described it, toward “closing your eyes to see.” The ordinary world of events and circumstances is still there, and must be reacted to, but the true story is going on deep within your heart, far below the surface layers of your more conscious personality. There is an introspective atmosphere deriving from the powerful Mercury Retrograde period that is just passing during the first week of December and continuing in its aftermath through to the Full Moon pre-Christmas weekend of the 22nd, and this continues to be productive of insight into the inner workings of your mind and spirit. You are however also motivated in the direction of powerfully transformative activity in alignment to inner guidelines that may only now be available for you to discern clearly.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month of December begins with reverberations from the Venus/Uranus opposition that just took place on the last day of November across your first and seventh house axis, which likely brought dramatic changes in your relationships and highlighted the importance of topics like personal independence and creative originality. As Mercury finishes its retrograde motion, you are on a huge learning curve that will have further consequences for the way that you see the world around you.

Also highlighted this month are a series of planetary configurations falling in both your ninth and twelfth houses, the houses of faith, religion, travel, and the higher mind, as well as the house of ego dissolution, surrender, and transcendence. For example, on December 2nd, the Sun in Sagittarius in your ninth house will square Mars in Pisces in your twelfth house, bringing together themes of faith and heroism, as well as knowledge, transcendence, or the holy “quest” motif. Similarly, late evening on December 6th, continuing into the next day and initiating a new thirty-day period, the New Moon in Sagittarius falls in your ninth house in a square to a Mars/Neptune conjunction in your twelfth house.

The centaur Chiron is also highlighted in the final degrees of Pisces by an aspect from a stationing Mercury on December 6th with the New Moon. This lunation thus heralds a new chapter of learning or spiritual growth, perhaps bringing otherworldly teachers and learning experiences into your life, while also bringing up themes of sacrifice and surrender, or perhaps connecting your personal struggles and shadows to larger transpersonal or collective dimensions of consciousness. Then, on December 20th, the Sun in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries in your first house, suggesting that the ongoing emphasis on the ninth house of higher learning, faith, and travel, is leading to an accelerated period of personal growth and revolution. Whatever you are studying or however your spiritual life is growing this month, you are going to feel energized.

Mercury enters Sagittarius and your ninth house on December 12th, further emphasizing the astrological indications detailed in the preceding paragraphs. Then, on December 21st, once again the ninth house will be highlighted with Mercury conjoining Jupiter in Sagittarius. This transit will also excite your mind and energize you, but you should be careful of aggrandized thinking. Similarly, on December 24th, Mercury in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces in your twelfth house, bringing last month’s Mercury Retrograde cycle full circle. Watch for cloudy thinking and miscommunication, but also watch for important messages or teachings crystalizing in non-ordinary ways, perhaps in dreams or through powerful synchronicities.

Other important dates and themes to consider this month include the Winter solstice on December 21st, and the subsequent Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd. Both big events fall across your tenth and fourth house axis, emphasizing the importance of both work and professional matters in the month ahead, as well as domestic, home, or family matters. Note that in the month to come you will receive your first eclipses in these houses, as well, so stay tuned for more next month!

Also, on December 31st, your ruling planet, Mars, enters your home sign of Aries and your first house, signaling a time of rejuvenated confidence, strength, health, and passion in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more on this next month!