A New Moon of Reactivity, Interpersonal Activity, and the Potential for Transformation

Posted on May 13, 2018 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Tuesday’s Taurus New Moon is a rather intense configuration, with plenty of Pluto activation, continuing this significant astrological theme from the previous cycle. The strong Pluto presence implies that the transformational thrust of past weeks is far from over, although changing for this next thirty days in some interesting ways. For one, we are beyond the Mercury Retrograde period that characterized the beginning of the previous cycle, and colored its entire span with a touch of introspection. While Mars remains in parallel with Saturn, indicating that a certain difficulty still remains in getting things done, this current lunation represents a more active time, with Mars in the last degree of Capricorn, in partile square with the volatile, trickster energy of Uranus. You might almost say, “anything goes.” The New Moon opposite beneficent Jupiter sets an expansive and optimistic tone for the latter half of this current month. We also find this New Moon degree directly at the midpoint of Eris and Venus, themselves in close sextile, so that the archetype of the spiritual warrior is dramatically linked with relationship-oriented Venus. This continues one motif that we saw in the previous cycle of interpersonal relationships being greatly emphasized. Venus and Mars being thus featured in this New Moon context, along with Pluto and Eris, implies the transformation of partnership patternings along positive lines, and, additionally, the concept of dedicating our relationship energy to a higher purpose, possibly an unconventional one. Our concepts of individual purpose and relationship connection are thus intimately connected now to the search for meaning that most deeply characterizes these fractious, dangerous, and yet also profoundly stirring times that we are living through.

Mars and Pluto are no longer close together in the sky, their exact conjunction having passed during the last weekend of April, but they nonetheless remain in connection, in the same sign and by means of a parallel aspect that perfects over the next two weeks. Mars together with Pluto is characterized, although by no means as a certainty, by the image of the volcano – sudden anger that can emerge out of nowhere to trouble your interpersonal relationships. If you do run into reactivity in yourself or in others it is useful to remember that you are never angry for the reason that you think you are; the emotion that overflows usually comes from core issues, the residue of traumatic experiences from early childhood. Since Chiron is now in Aries, Mars’ sign, there is thus at this time also an excellent opportunity for healing. The transformational effects of Pluto, in combination with Mars, can signal the transformation of patterns of angry outbursts and raging toward a more healthy expression of the basic anger emotion that remains inside. It is important in this context to recognize that there is nothing wrong with any particular emotion, including anger. Rather, echoing Blake, that “everything that lives is holy.”

The transformational effects of Pluto in combination with Mars can also symbolize a radical overhaul of the way that we exteriorize our values, and our attitudes regarding career path. This could morph into a general critique, for the situations that we encounter, of doing versus being. The concept of acting on our deepest values is also reflected in the strong Venus presence in this New Moon configuration. Venus in Gemini makes a partile inconjunct or 150-degree aspect to the Mars/Pluto midpoint, indicating relationship participation in the dynamic described above. It is also true that our relationships themselves are likely to be currently transforming. As mentioned above, Venus, supported by the New Moon, is in close sextile with Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto only quite recently discovered and officially named in the early years of this century, which is demonstrably a feminine warrior archetype in support of soul intention. Once you find out for yourself what is your actual bottom line, your most sincere soul-level value that you cannot refrain from acting upon, you have an amazing set of clues to propel you through life. You are enabled to find the comfort of knowing what you are up to, an actual sense of meaning. And this can be an enormous comfort in the midst of challenging and changing times.

Finally, the square between Mars and Uranus in the timing of this New Moon configuration, mentioned earlier, is quite close, and quite telling, with Uranus and Mars are both in the last degree of their respective signs. Uranus, in the last few minutes of the final degree of its sign, enters Taurus several hours after the New Moon, that same morning, and the shift is palpable. Another wave comes the very next day, when Mars slides into Aquarius. We go from a quite energized presence of Uranus in the masculine sign of Aries to a softer feeling tone represented by the Earth sign of Taurus. Our intuition is still very powerful, and with Uranus in close semi-sextile to Chiron, allows us to peer deep into our psyches if we will attune to this way of seeing without words. This is therefore a terrific day to pay attention in any way that you can to your inner world; perhaps by keeping a journal, or recording your dreams. In this regard it is quite important to note that the road to your transformation involves cooperation between yourself and important partners, and as well between your inner and outer parts, including the definite participation of your unconscious process.