A Last Quarter Moon of Acknowledging Change and Snaring Destiny

Posted on October 11, 2017 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Thursday’s Last Quarter Moon is a real doozy (an astrological technical term used in extreme situations, if you didn’t know) and deserves some concentrated focus. This lunar phase in general represents a coming to terms with what has already transpired in the preceding three weeks of the completing lunation cycle, and an adjustment in concepts, beliefs, and values as we prepare for the next, still a week away. In this particular quarter moon configuration, there is plenty of food for thought. The Sun and Moon are in a T-square with both transformational Pluto and the new planet, Eris, indicating that the time has come for serious consideration of what, indeed, you are really up to in this incarnation. More on this combination in the following paragraphs. In summarizing the overview of this powerful patterning we must also mention other significant factors: Venus and Mars, still in Virgo, remain near to each other, while making close aspects to Uranus and to Eris, respectively, and with their midpoint opposing Chiron nearly to the minute. There are thus both issues of interpersonal connection and, as well, our fears in the midst cultural changes of vast magnitude, appearing on the ever-moving horizon line of our lives. We are nevertheless bravely engaged in attempting to peer over the edge of times ahead, into a largely unknown future for ourselves and our world.

Venus with Uranus brings up an exploratory approach to relationships at a time when we may well be dealing with upsets of one kind or another, or reactivity, while Mars with Eris is a big push to get on with our lives in terms of doing rather than being. This is all to the good if we know where to direct this outward orientated energy, which is the great question. We are more aware than ever, perhaps, of what we do not want to see happening in the world today, although perhaps a bit confused about what we positively aspire to. This is indeed a profoundly thoughtful juncture; an investigative time of looking inside to see what truly motivates us, from below.

The new planet, Eris, beyond Pluto, can be characterized as a spiritual warrior energy for soul intention. With Eris and Pluto both emphasized in this dynamic First Quarter Moon configuration, as well as their incipient square alignment, perfecting in 2020, the timing is right as this decade draws to a close to stand up and be counted for whatever it is that you most deeply believe. This is no matter what the consensus viewpoint might be, and no matter the implicit sacrifices involved. Colin Kaepernick, the SF 49ers quarterback who protested national policy along the lines of Black Lives Matter by “taking the knee” during the national anthem is a good example of this. Agree with his viewpoint or not, we all have to admit that he showed the courage of his convictions by so doing. Then there’s Standing Rock. In a similar way, it is up to each and every one of us right now to make that kind of statement for whatever it is that we can discover as our bottom line. It is your unique viewpoint that is thus expressed, independent from the crowd, and yet the paradox is that as you find your own voice you wind up contributing in an important way to the evolution of the society that surrounds you.

The Sabian Symbols for this First Quarter Moon configuration, as usual, have something to contribute here. For the Sun, in the 20th degree of Libra, we find, “A young girl feeding birds in winter.” This speaks directly to the issue just described, for if the girl were not following her instincts and taking care of nature’s creatures in a time of their necessity, who indeed would? Marc Edmund Jones has, “the social nature of the inner being is stressed here by a receptivity to experience… a naïve genius in the administration of the powers of nature and the potentialities of selfhood.” For the Moon, in the same degree of the nurturing sign of Cancer we have, “Gondoliers in a serenade,” which can be taken as another example of selfless giving in service to social needs. Jones remarks upon, “the ever-exuberant music of life itself,” and goes on to state that, “the capacity of the individual spirit for participation in the basic stream of events is exalted… [in] a perfecting of those personal traits and inclinations which bring an enduring satisfaction to every immediate situation.” Indeed, in the midst of troubling times, and the immediacy of the danger to our global society, every drop of sustenance that we can bring to our fellow humans is precious, and worthy of pursuing with ultimate attention.